Helping moms choose life for their babies and themselves

Baby Bottle Boomerang “BBB”

Fill a bottle; Sav-A-Life!

What is BBB?

BBB is an opportunity for your organization (school, church, group, business, or club) to help give the gift of life to unborn children and provide life and physical support for that infant as families learn more about parenting through our family education program by supporting the coordinated work of Sav-A-Life Tuscaloosa. Baby bottles, ready for distribution, may be picked up from our center. Your organization will designate a coordinator to oversee the fundraising event. The coordinator will distribute bottles to those who want to participate. Participants will have three weeks to fill bottles with coins, checks, or currency. At the end the three weeks, bottles may be returned to our center, or we can pick them up from you! 100% of your donation will go towards helping moms and dads to choose a better life for their babies and themselves.

Who can participate in BBB?

Anyone can participate in BBB! BBB is a perfect fundraiser for your school, church, small group, business, or organization. BBB can also be done individually. BBB is a great fundraiser for people of all ages to support human life.

How can I get involved in BBB?

Sav-A-Life Tuscaloosa has bottles ready and waiting for you! Contact Taylor at, or call us at 205-759-5433 to schedule your BBB fundraiser.

Tips for making BBB successful:

  • Designate a BBB coordinator in your group who will prepare for the fundraiser and remind your group to be collecting change, checks, and currency throughout the fundraiser
  • Work with your group to choose a convenient date for your BBB fundraiser
  • Put up posters and hand out flyers around your church or meeting place to remind your group about BBB (We will provide posters & flyers!)
  • Submit a bulletin or newsletter announcement to your church office or group as a weekly reminder
  • Have your BBB coordinator (or a representative from Sav-A-Life) give a short presentation to your church or group about BBB and the work Sav-A-Life is doing
  • Set up a table at your church or group meeting to hand out information about BBB and Sav-A-Life Tuscaloosa
  • Remind your congregation or group (through bulletin or newsletter inserts or periodic announcements) of the return date for the bottles so that they all make it back to our center 🙂
  • These bottles are great for individuals from your group to take home to fill, but we also have larger bottles if you’d like to set them up in your office or church for others to fill as they come and go!